Wearable Solution - Cipherlab RS31/RS50

Author: Peacocks Sales team  


CipherLab RS31 / RS50 Wearable Kit 

includes Wrist Strap

Turn your Cipherlab  RS31 / RS50  into a Lightweight and affordable wearable computer without buying an additional finger barcode reader.



  • Finger trigger to opearte the barcode reader intergrated in the terminal
  • Quadlock adjustable wrist support
  • App for Android




The finger trigger with 3.5mm audio jack is light and thin.  It allows you to have your hands alwasy freee without the clutter caused a barcode reader worn on the finger.



The Quadlock wrist support is ergonomic and lightweight.  The band consists of a comfortable Lyca Nylon that adapts to differenct wrist sizes.  To detach or change the orientation of the terminal, simply press the button next to the locking system.



The Android App allows you to operate the barcode reader when the trigger is pressed.  The app works in the background thus allowing the correct operation of the solution even while you are using other applicatoins. 



Hands Free : The power of wearable

  • Package Handling
  • Small Boxes Picking
  • End of sorting lines 
  • Truck Loading 


Click HERE to visit the product page 

In our own tests at Peacocks. The Wearable kits performed well, please click HERE for test video with bottles. 

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