Resin Thermal Ribbons

High Temperature and Chemical Resistance

We have a general purpose resin barcode thermal ribbon predominantly for synthetic materials, producing images resistant to most harsh environments such as extreme temperature, chemicals moisture and abrasion.

Another range of premium grade resin ribbon are a heavy-duty full resin barcode thermal ribbon that meets or exceeds the high heat, scratch and chemical resistance required in automotive, pharmaceutical and government applications. Ideal for long term outdoor use with temperatures as high as 100C. We sell Image, Ricoh and Zebra Resin Thermal Ribbons.

Resin Ribbons

Super high gloss paper labels and synthetic labels (i.e. polyester, kaplon, polyolefin, vinyl, mylar)

Used in extreme environmental applications such as hazardous drum labelling

Used in printed circuit board applications, rating plate labels, engine component labels, labels requiring long life (5-8 years) and all types of outdoor labelling that require durability.


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